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Kaluku AgTech goes to Nabire

In order to realize the vision as a solution provider for developing coconut ecosystems in Indonesia, the innovation team for coconut cultivation development will depart for the village of Nifasi, one of the coconut producing villages in Nabire Regency, Papua.

Papua, the hidden potential of coconut

Papua Province has a fantastic land area potential for plantations. According to agricultural data from the Papua provincial government, there are 5 million hectares of land potential and to date only 2% - 3% of the total land potential or 120,000 hectares, 98,000 hectares are in the form of smallholder plantations - the rest are private plantations by corporations in the form of oil palm plantations, cocoa, coffee and some spice commodities.

For the production of coconut, which is the origin of the plant, it seems that private companies have not looked at it. Coconut still revolves around the rural economy with the highest potential added value in the production of whole coconut and raw copra.

Seeing the facts, the Regent of Nabire Regency, Mesak Magai, realized this and made optimal efforts to make coconut as one of the regional superior commodities for increasing farmers' welfare and regional income.

Workshop on Development of Potential Added Value of Coconut Farmers in Nabire Papua

After the visit of the Nabire Regency Industry Office group led by Mr. Zeth Kambora to the small and medium micro industry centers in Palu and Parigi Moutong, Central Sulawesi some time ago, Kaluku AgTech was given the honor to make a return visit as well as to organize a workshop for coconut farmers in Nifasi Worbak Village, District Makimi, Nabire District.

This opportunity of Kaluku AgTech Goes to Nabire will be used as well as socialization of the coconut sustainable ecosystem development program as one of Kaluku AgTech's missions, namely COCONUT REVOLUTION, towards Indonesia, the King of World Coconuts.

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