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Torang Bisa! Coconut Workshop in Nabire Papua

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Torang bisa (yes we can). Yes that's right, Nabire definitely can, why not? Nabire Papua has everything, has unfair advantages that other regions rarely have, one of which is organic super coconut!

Amazing Coconut Potential in Nabire Papua

The coastal coconut of Nabire is almost twice the weight of volume of a coconut on Java. The coir is thick, the shell is thick and hard. The meat is thick and tasty. The thickness of coconut meat reaches 1 kg to 1.2 kg above the average coconut in Indonesia. This means that the thicker the coconut meat, the richer the oil content.

"This is womoro (coconut) we don't plant, brother, it's been there since we were born," said the workshop participant while pointing his hand at the small islands around the coast, and indeed as far as the eye can see the islands contain towering coconut trees, The Coconut Paradise Island !

How to get coconuts here? In West Sumatra, the coconut is taken by monkeys, in Sulawesi it is taken by climbing, in some areas there are using poles and in other countries, sophisticated mechanical equipment is used.

In Nabire So Amazing, all you have to do is pick up coconuts from the ground, collect them from old coconuts that fall on their own and there are a lot of them, some of them become ambassadors for floating coconuts that spread to migrate to other islands, maybe even abroad, meaning that the locals are not aware of its wealth themselves, yet to take advantage of these best organic super coconuts which are their own.

Coconuts from small islands

At first when we arrived at the training location, we were surprised...where was the coconut, at that moment our surprise was answered. We boarded the boat and saw a group of coconuts being herded from the island to the beach. In a relatively short time, the collected coconuts are transported by a pick-up truck to the workshop, as you can see in the video.

It's time for our brothers in Nabire to rise up and be empowered. You have the best coconut, you can!

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