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About Us

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PT. Dharma Korindo Sejahtera is a rapidly emerging company at the forefront of the industrial products, machinery & equipment, and services. Our firm is dedicated to becoming a leading supplier in the industry. We provide an extensive range of top-quality products and services, which encompass:

  • ​Mechanical and Electrical Components

  • Machinery and Equipment

  • Office Supplies

  • Safety and Protective Equipment

  • Racking and Conveyor

  • Packaging Solutions

  • Solar Power Installation


With an acute understanding of manufacturing challenges, our seasoned professionals are driven by excellence and dedicated to equipping clients with necessary products and services. At PT. Dharma Korindo Sejahtera, we offer competitive pricing, punctual delivery, and collaborate with clients to identify optimal solutions, making us the dependable choice for industrial products and services. Contact us today for deeper insights into our comprehensive range.


To be the foremost provider of innovative industrial products, machinery & equipment, and services in Indonesia, recognized for our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


  • Deliver Exceptional Solutions: Provide high-quality industrial products, machinery & equipment, and services that empower clients through innovation and collaboration.

  • Foster Strong Client Relationships: Build long-term partnerships based on trust, reliability, and exceeding client expectations.

  • Drive Industry Expertise: Stay at the forefront of technology and industry trends, delivering the latest solutions as a trusted source of expertise.

Company Culture

At our company, TRUST is the cornerstone of our culture. We prioritize building and safeguarding trust with our customers through unwavering commitment, honesty, and integrity.

We believe in TOTALITY, constantly striving for improvement and optimal performance. Through ongoing upgrades, professionalism, leadership, and competence, we drive the company towards excellence.

DEDICATION is at the heart of our team. Our employees demonstrate unwavering devotion, loyalty, and enthusiasm, which form the foundation for strong relationships within our organization. We approach every task with a sense of responsibility and take pride in our work, ensuring that dedication is woven into every element of our company's system.

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